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In 2008 AKHI Productions LLC (AP) was formed as a publishing and production music company. With a main goal of serving urban neighborhoods of various cultures, strictly focusing on producing music for artists of different genres, and also helping artist reach their goals along the way of success in producing "great music". The company moved in this particular direction for an approximation of 2 years with this being the primary focus.

In 2010, after working with various producers and record executives from other labels, the executive staff at Akhi Productions (AP) realized that with the right leadership the company will be better suited to serve the music industry as a developmental company; Exploring the field of providing the artist with needed tools such as producers and writers to help them write hit songs, as well as providing them with trainers focusing on training them mentally and physically to high levels, while preparing them for life in the music industry. The company also specializes in putting the right people in place to produce for project success. This includes directors for music videos, project coordinators, office/road management, and many much needed tools for the artists success. This helps the artist learn how to mold their art form and have a full package that will be well put together and polished, to be published for the public.

Shortly after landing great leadership, and becoming a developmental company; the executive staff at AP focused on community projects linking professional and platinum artist, up coming artist from all genres and local community small businesses within event planning for the area of focus. Oil Money Enterprise was one of the small companies that was first on the list to seek out help from AP.

Now AP has become a holding company designed to allocate funds to help entrepreneurs and small businesses develop their own business direction. while servicing the community using Entertainment as a tool, AP is still recognized as much more then a developmental company because of their continued relationships with helping professional artists, as well as continuing to productively develop new businesses, and talent likewise.

Next up for AP is helping artist world wide, and strategically blueprinting plans for success on the International platform. With the help of companies developed by AP like Oil Money Enterprises, continued success in growing talent and communities will soon reshape the goals of all those planning to become part of this music industry.